Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Morning

I was going to blog, really I was, and write up my IHip and Quarterly Report, but someone unexpectedly came to take all four children until 3 o'clock this afternoon, and so we are flinging ourselves in the car and going to ALL the places its a hassle and challenge to take four small children. How far to New York City? Just kidding, we'll stay in town, but it would be a sin to waste this opportunity. I'm thinking coffee out, lunch out, something else to be determined, and then arriving home just at the same time as the children.


Anonymous said...

How is your mother doing, has she recovered from the flu? I've been praying for her, and when I saw you'd posted to your blog, I'd hoped to hear that she's doing well.

Glad you're getting some time out. :)

Joyce Carlson said...

Joyce Carlson here. I'm doing so much better now that a week has gone by. East Coast USA Summer Flu was much more exhausting and difficult to get over than I anticipated, but I'm back to life and hope, sort of. ME