Friday, October 17, 2008

Various Notes Leading in no Direction

1. For those of you waiting on my ordination story/thingamabob, I was stuck for a while, but I started writing again last night (only by hand, stupidly) so its back in the works. I have no idea how long it will take me. Its turning out to be enormous so I will have to spend a long time editing.

2. The baby is screaming after pouring cheerios all over her head. She turned One on Wednesday. I will have pictures sometime this weekend of the fabulous present she received. (Thank heaven's she's reached the magical age where she's fully "human" and Peter Singer can waltz in to do her in-as if a month ago she wasn't "human" or is somehow "more conscious now". What malarkey.)

3. Matt still hasn't helped me move that blankityblank dresser and so E's room is turning into a veritable mountain of clothes as we stagger through baskets of clean clothes trying to find things to wear each day.

4. I will shortly be posting about homeschooling and how its going, only not right now because the baby is screaming (see above).

5. I've started writing small reflections on my psalm each day. My hope is maybe post some of it here, but again, lots of editing required. AND, if you're not interested, well, never mind, when have I ever let that bother me.


R said...

I'm glad she has the good sense to use Cheerios! The ones here have too much sugar and I won't eat them. Oh well.



Joyce Carlson said...

It sounds chaotic. I think you need me there. ME

Anonymous said...

Anne, I wonder if you have read "Will Mrs. Major Go To Hell?" by Mary Aloise Buckley (WFB Jr.'s older sister). Most likely you would enjoy it and you may find you have a similar book, or series of them, in you.