Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The snow is snowing all around

If you have a moment, I'd be SO Grateful if you'd pray for Matt who is driving through an unexpected snowstorm. Due to global warming (ha) it is unhelpfully cold and snowing, even though its only October and usually we don't get snow until January, unless we're trying to fly somewhere around Christmas time, and then it snows at Christmas. I have all our curtains shut trying to keep the wind out of this creaky old house, and am digging out a space heater for the school room. Meanwhile Matt is trying to drive on roads that haven't been plowed because no one thought it would snow This Much.


Anonymous said...

We are waiting with bated breath for the arrival of the same storm here in Ottawa. Travelling mercies to Matt. Hope your hunt was successful; I know too well the problems with drafty old houses in cold winds.

Bill in Ottawa

gartenfrau said...

We are having snow in the Metro Detroit area as well this morning, although it looks like it is done for now. At least it isn't sticking to anything but rooftops. Gotta love that global warming. Prayers for Matt have already been sent.

R said...

Astonishingly enough we had a light dusting here! I'm feeling cheated, I thought no snow was part of the bargain for coming. ;)

Lots of Love to all!


kristiflea said...

Well, I have the air conditioner on here and am more than ready for a little cool air.

Blessings to you and safety for Matt.