Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Rain is Raining All Around

This is the problem with leaving blogging till the end of the day. Too many different things have happened. Too many different thoughts have flittered through my mind.
There are a lot few Obama signs around here than I would have expected.
I'm really homesick for Oregon. Its raining gently. Its balmy out. And I just caught the end of NPR's From the Top whereon the Portland Youth something or other were playing Mozart something or other so beautifully. I have gone on for several days feeling that I am continuing on in a strange land, this strange Northeastern land. I've settled down, basically, and look out at the same sky line day after day, but it will never be my "home" in the way that heaven is, or Farakala or Multnomah Blvd in Portland. What is so strange is that This is my children's home. This will be their fixed mark when they consider what is most normal and basic and wonderful in the world. All the places that are my home will be a wilderness for them.
The fruitfly thing works SO WELL!!! Thank You!!! We're collecting vats of them all over the house. I even went out and bought bananas, knowing there is now an escape.
I'm really glad we're homeschooling. Six weeks in, I couldn't be happier. We're ticking along, basically, trying to keep up with all my various lists, and its so nice. Its remarkably interesting to spend all day every day with my own children. And, so much like the Herdmans, I can see that the youngest child will be the smartest, having learned all that the other children have to offer.
I've got a kitchen full of groceries to put away, and then a large mug of hot milk with a drizzle of Brandy.


Perpetua said...

The website implies you spent your childhood and teenage years in Africa. I didn't hold in my mind where you have said you went to undergrad, but I seem to remember that you met Matt+ in seminary and I think he went to the one in Virginia. So I surprised you think of Oregon as home.

Good Shepherd Weekly said...

hi Perpetua. Anne grew up in Africa and came to the states for college. She went to a state college in Portland Oregon for her first two years where she has family (and spent many missionary sabbaticals with her family growing up) and then transferred to Cornell University where she graduated in 1998 before attending seminary in VTS

Joyce Carlson said...

Actually, let's all dive in here and make sure the history of Anne is properly known. Anne went to the University of Portland (Catholic) for one year, and then spent her sophomore year in Nantes, in the west of France and learned to survive on galettes and cidre like all poor starving students, and then went to Cornell. I've been told that Third Culture Kids (and I should know because I'm one too) find it normal to jump around from place to place, so it was totally amazing that Anne actually stayed at Cornell for a 2nd year and finished college in 4 years all told. How do you know a Third Culture Kid when you see one? Their favorite place to go on a date or meet friends is at the airport.