Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Happy Birthday

My older and wiser husband is turning....really old today. His hair is already half grey and he has to eat less and work out more to keep his boyish figure. But he's far and away handsomer than the day I married him.


Geri said...

Tell your husband happy birthday from me. Today is my birthday too. He will be happy to know that we share the day with Desmond Tutu and Joy Behar.

Bob Maxwell+ said...

This is the first pic I've seen in mufti -thank you!

I hope he got my e-card.

Bob Maxwell+

p.s. Your mom is a good writer of email. She's becoming my inside connection on the ground in All Saints Diocese. Nairobi.

Joyce Carlson said...

Hi Anne. Hi Bob M+. As an insider in All Saints, let me say that we took Gemma Dog to church on Sunday at St. Francis for the blessing of the animals, and Gemma was an Angel Dog. So perfect for two hours, and nicely washed and combed, and very good posing for pictures with adoring children.
Besides Gemma and other fine dogs and cats, there was a donkey and some cerval kittens who came with the man from the Kenya Wildlife Association.
I hope Matt like the Birthday Card with Gemma on it.
So now I ought to go home and bake a cake in his honor, and of course eat half of it myself.
x0 love from ME