Wednesday, May 07, 2008

God Must be Trying to Teach Me Something

Still no Cord!
Loosing my mind and temper.
Computer sitting idly and forlornly by.
Prayer Required.


Jill C. said...

As Billy Sprague sang back in the 1980s (before your time, most likely) "La vie est dure mais Dieu est bon."

Polly said...

My friend, I believe you have an Internet addiction. :) :)
(I can't talk, I'm on the Internet for 9 hours every day.)

Jane R said...

God could be trying to teach Matt generosity with his computer cord. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Would you be dissappointed if I told you I just threw out a case of them because even recycle didn't want them

BabyBlue said...

I do feel the pain. This brings back memories, painful memories, when my laptop fried at General Convention in Columbus. But help is on the way!!