Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bloggy Slump

I haven't made good my vows to the Most High, or rather, all of you, to whom I announced I would blog every day this week to make up for not blogging at all last week. However, I didn't take into account Matt's amazing Canoe Race, nor my destructive and cyclone like toddler, nor feeling unpleasant and dizzy (no, I'm not pregnant, I've got some weird pain and its so weird that I'm actually taking the trouble to go to the doctor about it tomorrow after E graduates from Kindergarten).

I just can't focus my mind, and I've got to vacuum for a Bible Study and keep feeding A, who has been eating steadily since 7 o'clock this morning (cream of wheat, then a large cinnamon roll, then a second one, then an apple, now a banana, and he's asking about lunch).

But, here are some pictures of the canoe race. Unfortunately, you can't see Matt in any of them.

And an extra one of R, for good measure, even though he didn't come with us.


TLF+ said...

Didn't the Jabberwock live in a Bloggy Slump ?

laura said...

I hate to warn you, but once boys begin to eat like that I don't think they ever stop! It is a crazy, somewhat disgusting, phenomena that is inherent to boys and it only gets worse as they grow older. My 14 year old eats full meals ALL DAY LONG! Even when I only offer healthy stuff! It amazes me...especially since he can't seem to gain weight. If someone could only figure out how to bottle that metabolism women's weight loss issues would be over!

ottorinophc said...

i love that pic of emma/gwendolyn.