Sunday, December 09, 2007

scattered already

Missed celebrating St. Nicholas Day on the 6th. Thank heavens the kids have no idea what the date is. Had them pu their shoes out last night since St. Nicholas will be joining us in church this morning. Then woke up in a panic about having to fill their shoes. And, blast it all, it appears I have caught Matt's wretched cold.
Onwards and upwards!
Onwards and upwards!

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eulogos said...

You might be interested in "My domestic church has a hole in the roof" on this website. The authoress writes how she sneaked into a Catholic bookstore where she is not wellknown in order to buy an Advent calendar after Advent had already started. They pointed her to a corner which contained a basket with the advent calendars which were left...and a stack of pamphlets on "How to celebrate Advent" written by, herself1