Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday Conversations

Aedan: When I grow up, I'm going to marry a Floozy!
Emma: I'm going to marry a Prince.
Anne: Where did you hear the word 'floozy' Aedan?
Aedan: I don't know. I'm going to marry her and live happily ever after.
Matt: No, probably not happily.
Anne: No, Aedan, you need a good sturdy, even tempered girl. Not a floozy.
Emma: I'm going to marry a prince, a prince, a prince.


Joyce Carlson said...

My only hope is that Aedan is hoping also to become a righteous prophet like Hosea. From
floo·zy also floo·zie (flōō'zē) Pronunciation Key
n. pl. floo·zies Slang
A woman regarded as tawdry or sexually promiscuous.
Very worried as his grandmother.

ottorinophc said...

sturdy even tempered girl.

ottorinophc said...

and i think it's entirely possible aedan learned floozy from me. i seem to have some recollection of using the phrase in front of him. maybe even saying he would marry a floozy some day?

R said...

Hahaha! Oh dear. At least we know who to blame. :-P Anyway, looks like I'll be doing extensive babysitting for a four-year-old. Any suggestions? Maybe if I work really hard she'll turn out to be a sturdy even-tempered and even sensible girl. :)

Carrie said...

I'll be on the lookout for a floozy in Aedan's age range (or Micah's for that matter) swaying her sassy way into the church). It can only end in heartache, Aedan!