Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Hodge Podge

A big shout out to Nigel Mumford of the Diocese of Albany for coming to Good Shepherd last night to do a healing service. A good time was had by all. Many went forward for prayer and healing and someone was moved to leave their cigarettes and lighter on the altar-very cool. I have a sketchy perception of the whole evening because I was wild and crazy enough to take all the kids and try to make them sit through the service. Eventually all the boys ended up downstairs making hash of the nursery. But it was nice to be there, nonetheless. I took little baby forward for healing prayers for this wretched cough she continues to have. So that was very lovely. And, joy of all joys, the Shepherd's Bowl (Good Shepherd's Soup Kitchen) was dishing out Beef Stew and I managed to finagle a bowl. You can see how scattered it all is in my mind-stew, healing all on the same level.

So now we've all had too much french toast and are about the brave the weather for a trip to AC Moore to have our imaginations sparked on the subject of Christmas Presents.

Also, the benefits and necessity of acquiring a Slow Cooker (and the means to do so) have been impressed upon me (thank you Grandma!) and I would very much like any advice and thoughts on brands, size, and any other details there abiding.

I better get moving. A has just informed me that his 'tummy hurts' and that 'its getting boring when my tummy hurts' but that 'when I go out in the snow it doesn't hurt'. He is furthering this information along with a big whine, so that means my time on the computer has come to an end. Good day to you all.


DonnaCory in Georgia said...

For a crock pot, or slow cooker, go with one with a timer and try for one where the insert is dishwasher safe. I have been using my Rival for over 10 years.....the new ones can go in the dishwasher. The new crock pot liners work well, too. That cuts clean up by over 1/2.

At A Hen's Pace said...

I got one of the new ones--a Hamilton Beach Meal Maker--and love it EXCEPT that it is too hot, even on the Low setting. I can't just put something in the morning and let it go all day.

I googled lately to see if I was the only one, and it seems that this is a problem with a lot of the newer models. (Google on slow cooker too hot, or just slow cooker reviews.)

The older ones--which you can find for a few dollars at resale shops--didn't have this problem. They're not as big, but one might be a good option to try out. And maybe by the time you have teenage boys, they'll have fixed the problem with the big ones!