Wednesday, August 01, 2007

On the Road Again

Meant to get up at 5 to pack so that we could be on the road by 8am. But its now 6:37 and I'm still basically comotose, working through a tepid cup of tea. Really, let's be honest, I blame Matt. For some reason, since a horrible moment in Nashville when the handle broke off one of our two mugs, Matt has felt that I am to have this broken mug every morning, while he has the one with the handle, rather than trading off every other morning. So, at 5 am, when be brought me the broken handle mug full of tea (and let's be honest about that too--I ran out of good tea when we got to Dallas and I've been drinking something that vaguely tastes like dishwater ever since), I just couldn't cope and rolled over and went back to sleep. So, I don't imagine that we will be leaving by 8, particularly since before actually getting up, I have to confess my sins AGAIN and try to be a better person. Of course, I could be grateful that Matt brings me tea at all, but since when is gratitude one's first response in the morning, if we're going to be perfectly honest about it? If its yours, at least wait until this afternoon to let me know, when I'm awake and and holy.

More from San Antonio!


Polly said...

The best part is that you are blogging instead of packing. :)

Judith L said...

I did have a dog who woke up cheerful and apparently grateful for the new day every single morning she lived with us.

eulogos said...

You know, I bet there is a K mart or a Walmart or a 5 and dime or even a convenience store somewhere on your route with a mug for a buck or really don't have to go on using one with a broken handle.

Does Matt think you broke the cup? Chris and I have had this argument for years: I say, "It fell. It broke. It spilled." He responds, "No, You knocked it down, you broke it, you spilled it." He can't accept that sometimes something falls down when no one is in the room. This morning I was standing by the sink, and a mess of stuff tumbled off the shelf above the dishwasher, a pot, about 20 books of matches, a soap dish and a bar of soap and a smaller scrap of soap, a pot holder, and the lid to a different pot, an outdated coupon, a paperback book, and a banana. Half the matches fell into the salad I had been making for my lunch. I regarded this as an evil happenstance, but he was sure I must have done something to make it happen. Maybe the folks who bit by bit stuck all that stuff up there are to some degree responsible for the eventual avalanche, I admit. But I didn't knock it down.

Anyway, buy yourself a new mug. And some better tea. Red Rose isn't bad. Or treat yourself to some Twinings tea; most grocery stores carry it.

I am enjoying your accounts.

Anonymous said...

(Laughing) I can empathize. I'm not fit to be seen at 5am in the morning. Ugh!!