Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Babies and Cake

In honor of my birthday, and because I'm really only a few weeks away from delivering this baby, we lugged all the children to the doctor this morning to see the ultra sound. I generally try to go alone to the doctor because I don't like to scare first time mothers with a lot of children. You can see their eyes widening when you walk in with a whole bunch and imagine what they must be thinking--same thing I thought when I was on Baby #1, 'boy, that woman has a lot of kids, she must be exhausted, hope I'm never that tired'. But today we braved it and were duly rewarded by some great shots of this baby's face, chubby cheeks and all, and an excellent looking spine, and all the limbs in the right place. God is so good. And then A, in awe and wonder, taking his finger out of his mouth and gasping, 'I love G so much'. Even R was swept up in the moment, shouting loudly and unintelligibly.

So, the days are flying by, and I have been admonished by the doctor not to imagine that I will make it all the way to the 14th of October, but to plan on the arrival of this baby rather sooner. No complacency for me. So Matt had better high tail it home from the HOB meeting the end of September-It will be such an exciting week for So Many Reasons.

Also, in honor of me, he (Matt) baked his first ever cake. He has mastered food of every kind, but never ventured into baking. He turned out, after much thought and consideration, Nigella Lawson's Dense Chocolate Loaf, covered in whipped cream and baked to absolute perfection. Honestly, the heavenly host of angels probably wishes they could eat this cake. This after setting out sausages and mashed potatoes and peas for dinner (hey, its my favorite, I was born in England). All that was missing was a packet of brown sauce.

And, I was given a sleek new camera, so here is a picture of the cake.


Rich Gabrielson said...

... sausages and mashed potatoes and peas for dinner (hey, its my favorite, I was born in England).

hmmm -- bangers and mash?

many happy returns and may your tribe increase!

Summersnow said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! On her birthday the pregnant momma gets a double portion of whatever she wants!!!

Blessings to you all!


Polly said...

Happy bday, Anne!

Tom Head said...

Happy birthday!

Uncle (Now Grandpa) Dino said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday!

Joyce Carlson said...

Hi Anne!
It's me your mother commenting (attempting to comment) for the third time. Three times a charm? Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day for a long time to come!
Anything you want me to bring you from Brussels besides chocolates?
I'm typing this in the lobby of the Hotel Mozart, just off Grand Place, and the options for chocolates and waffles and frites with mayonnaise are endless. WISH you and Matt and the little muffins were here.
But since not, we'll celebrate your birthday (and our anniversary) in the only reasonable way possible -- I think we'll go out to Chez Léon's tonight for moules marinières and frites, and some muscadet all golden and tranquil on the side.
This is a very pleasant lobby -- only Mozart for music, and a lot of glitzy gilt and baroque ornamentation, for which I feel no guilt at all. Surely its coming to me after all these years of slogging through desert and jungle with your father, in a marriage of SOME inconvenience?
One inconvenience is having to negotiate the instructions on your blog in Flemish/Dutch. There doesn’t seem to be a French option. Thus, I’ve twice thrown away my perfectly worded comments, out of confusion between “reactie publiceren” and “voorbeeld”. Trying once again to see if this works….
Anyway, tons of love and may you eat cake.
x0x0x0 ME