Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Anniversary Again!

Happy 40th Anniversary to Matt's parents, Doug and Shawn Kennedy! Matt informed me today that they have been an exemplary model of a good marriage for him, and he is abundantly grateful for their witness and life together. I have heard that they celebrated at the very restaurant at which Matt pleaded with me to marry him. I agreed, of course, only to put him out of his own misery (just kidding). Anyway, I had quail that night. I think Matt had duck. I am longing to know what Shawn and Doug had. May the next 40 years be even happier than the last!


Micah said...

not again!

(did he really beg? please say so...)

Matt's Mom said...

Thankyou for your sweet congratulations! I wanted to congratulate Bob and Joyce too but cound not figure out how to post to htme I hopoe they are reading this. They are a wonderful example to young people that marriages can last and be fulfilling and even exciting at times!!! I still look forward to seeing Doug at the end of the day.
Yes, we did go to the Republic and had to reminisce and imagine a bit about how you and Matt got engaged I know: he begged!!! And grateful he should be too that you accepted!!

Megan and James got engaged there too so in 30-some years maybe y'all will be celebrating your 40th's at the Republic too and remember that we celerated our 40th there too. We love you all and thankyou for making our family life so joyful.

Matt's Mom said...

Oh, Doug had Axis Deer Venison and I being a constant dieter who craves beef, had a filet mignon with a huge baked potato...YUM

Anne Kennedy said...

he didn't actually beg, but it was implied his red face, shaking hands and sweaty brow. Heh.