Monday, April 02, 2007

some small moaning

I'm sorry to say I'm not up to writing anything this evening. For those of you commenters who would like justification for my intolerant, obviously evil theological positions, you'll have to wait till tomorrow. Hope you can be patient. And for everyone else, I'm trying to let thoughts ruminate into something interesting, but I'm surprising physically uncomfortable. I mean by that that I'm in pain, nausea, sore throat and general misery. I'm trying not to complain (although you can see its not working) and that this too will pass, but I just can't get beyond it at this moment.

In the meantime Matt has run around and done laundry, fed the children, put them to bed, made me a delicious supper, cleaned the kitchen and just generally been wonderful. This was supposed to be his one day off this week.

So, until tomorrow, may God sweep all the stones out of your path and give you peace.

1 comment:

Nasty, Brutish & Short said...

Truly, you two are the Bradgelina of the Anglican Communion.

I say that to be flattering!