Thursday, April 12, 2007


I really have to get out of bed. This has been the most amazing week. I haven't slept past 6 o'clock, really, since being married, except maybe once or twice. And here, every morning this week, I've been late and lazy a bed. Anyway, I have a number of things I intend to post about today, and was going to write at this moment, however, Matt is planning to steal my computer so hopefully they will appear here, over the course of the day.
Expect brilliance on the following topics:

1. My fabulous night out at the movies to see Blades of Glory.
2. My response to someone or other's opinions about my opinions on their blog re the Iran hostage imbroglio
3. property hype and hysteria in the Episcopal church
4. My plans to rearrange furniture
5. Don Imus/Anna Nicole Smith/Rosy O'Donnell and other pop culture issues on which I have been wasting much valuable time

That's right. All that and more, coming up here! Now on to arguing with Matt about the use of my computer, his, unfortunately, being completely and totally dead.

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