Friday, April 20, 2007


I'm working on a sermon so I have no business being online at all, let alone blogging. However, I did just want to put down an interesting little exchange from yesterday.

Emma: 'Daddy, can we go camping? I will pick the spot and collect my favorite things to take with us.'
Aedan: 'I will be a spider man when I grow up and you can be one too daddy.'
Matt: 'OK'
Emma: 'Will there be bears when we go camping?'
Matt: 'I don't think so, we will go somewhere where there are no bears.'
Emma: 'Maybe you can kill the bears when we see them. Are they good to eat?' (Emma is always hungry)
Matt: 'Well, I don't think we will need to meet any bears and we can take some other food to eat.'
Emma: 'How bout owl, can we eat owl?'
Matt: 'I guess so. I guess owl could taste good. But we could probably just take food with us.'
Aedan: 'No, I will be a dinosaur when I grow up. And you can be a dinosaur too, Daddy.'
Emma: 'Its OK to eat bears and owls because they will rise again when Jesus comes back in the resurrection.'
Matt: 'That's right.'
Emma: 'How? Will they rise again in my tummy?'
Anne: 'Supper time!'
Matt: 'Oh thank God.'
Matt: 'You hate beans, Anne. Why are we eating beans?'
Anne: 'I don't hate beans. I've always loved beans.'
Matt: 'That's a bald faced lie.'

Supper menu: black beans, red beans, avocado, corn, tortillas, hot sauce, sour cream, fish sticks, and sardines. Basically my whole family is repulsed by the things I want to eat right now. I've never had cravings before (other than for straight lime), but this time, there's something about beans and rice and sardines that I just can't get enough of.

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Anonymous said...

That is a brilliant convo with the kidlings. :)
Procrastination, sweet procrastination. I can relate.