Monday, April 16, 2007

The death of Maddening Spring

There are no cats in the window this morning. They are all trying to sit on me and each other to keep warm. God finally is dumping snow down as fast as possible. We waited long after those brilliant weather liars said it would snow, but eventually it did. And, mercifully, there's no school, which means that the neighbors are home and have taken all our kids to their house to play for the day, even the baby. So now I'm trying to will myself into standing up and going and tackling the appalling state of the children's room. What better, then, to just pause and blog for a moment. Since I utterly failed my promises of last week to write on many topics and be fascinating. Can't even remember what was going on last week.

Oh yes, Anna Nicole Smith's baby does have a father. That's a great relief. What particularly interested me, as I wasted time reading articles about this happy discovery and looked at pictures, was how hollow all the players seem to look--their eyes all have a sort of glazed over hollow look. Its rather disconcerting. Have decided to pray for this baby who is sure to have a wretched and unhappy life, far from the love and power of Christ. She is just about the age of my baby and so I feel rather sad, and wish that a sensible person would come along and tell them all about Jesus and encourage them to give all their money to the poor. Or something.

And of course, I'm sorry to say, I spent all the extra wasted moments reading about Imus and listening to various commentators on the radio. And talking to our neighbor who has listened to him every morning for 14 years. I had a lot of opinions about this catastrophe until I talked to our neighbor and found that he had a lot more than I did and most of them were more interesting. So I will move on and only recommend everything that NRO wrote about it last week.

And then, amazingly, I've seen three movies in the last week. I spent an outrageous amount of money to go out and see Blades of Glory in the theater and eat a large bucket of pop corn. I actually went mostly for the pop corn and because a very wonderful friend looked at me a few days ago and said, kindly and sadly, 'you really need to have an evening out'. So we went and it was ridiculous and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Actually more disturbing that Will Farrell and the other actor, whose name I completely forget, skating unhappily together, was the blatant and unveiled incestuousness of the rival skaters. Very funny. If, like me, you're looking to escape from reality, I highly recommend this flick. I you're more of a realism person and don't like comedy (like Matt) then you would probably be miserable the whole time.

Which brings me to Keeping Mum, which many of you have recommended to me. Excellent. Really well done. Really disturbing. Really almost too realistic, particuly the wretched flower committee. About a year ago a rumor began flying around Good Shepherd that Matt had made the unilateral decision to move the ECW (Episcopal Church Women) closet from the first floor, to the third floor, far away from everything and not accessible by elevator. He was planning to do this, obviously, because he didn't like the old ladies and he wanted them to be unhappy and possibly even fall on the stairs and break something. As all rumors, it led a fleeting and exciting life, flying all the way round town, through the other 9 Episcopal churches, so that every Episcopalian in town was able to nod slowly and say, 'oh yes, of course, Matt Kennedy, what an evil jerk'. If you visit Good Shepherd today you will find the ECW continues to reside on the first floor and that it is little children who have to climb the many stairs to go to Sunday School.

All right, I have more to say, but Matt is actually pulling the computer out of my tight grasp and we are about to start shouting at each other. Hopefully, hopefully, I'll have a chance to get back to this later.


William said...

Rev. Kennedy:

Regarding the ECW non brouhaha, as my dad always says when I want to whine about something, "thats part of it."

You and your husband keep on truckin', the view from my part of the world says you are both doing a fantastic job as spouses, parents, and pastors.

Anonymous said...

RE: Imus
When Imus made his remark, it was early in the morning (around 6:30AM), at a low point in his ratings. The only way most people heard them was through their repetition by the media. Certainly, none of the basketball players hear the comments. Thus they seem to be similar as malicious gossip, which is then passed around until it reaches the victim. Thus my questions is, was the real sinner the media which amplified this outrageous remark, rather than Imus himself?

Anne Kennedy said...

That's an interesting question. I'm sure the blame can be spread around. Our neighbor had the intersting thought that various left leaning groups were out for Imus because a week or two before he, Imus, had taken Chuck Schumer down several pegs regarding Walter Reed. Schumer, says our neighbor (I didn't see it myself) was visibly embarressed during the interview and had plenty of reason to go after Imus, or wish that he wasn't doing his job any more. Very interesting.