Saturday, December 23, 2006

rearranging the deck chairs

I see now that my discouragement yesterday was merely, as it were, a foreshadowing of today. The ABC has formally decided to seat KJS at the February primates meeting. Check out Stand Firm to read all the wild spinning.

But I hold with Matt's + pessimism. We've talked and talked. We've been respectfully coridal. We've analyzed the letters and papers and statements. What more is there to do? Wait for the parousia before acting? Enough.

Don't have the stomach to go read the crowing and delight in liberal land today. Will keep plugging away at these wretched bulletins and try to think of something lovely to say about Jesus for tomorrow.


aenigmate said...

"Enough" about sums it up for me... I've been an Episcopalian for 25 years now, and I've thought and prayed and dithered about this for several years. I'm going to my large Episcopal church tonight, sing with my beloved choir one last time. Then I'm hopping on an Anglican 'life boat' and getting out.

For me it has come down to a desire to affirm what I love and believe about the creeds and Anglican theology. I think I can do it better with the most integrity and spiritual health elsewhere. I know that everyone will have to make their own decision in their own time prayerfully and with God's help. I've finally made mine.

I wish you and yours a blessed Christmas,

aenigmate.... through a glass, darkly

Christie said...

Once you make the choice to leave, the blessings do come. I made the move at Pentecost 2004 after the last session of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for the year. Thankfully, 75% of the children's parents left at the same time. We were literally a home church for two years. Now they meet at the Collegium at Biola University in CA. Several months ago, I decided to go full time to St. James Anglican Church. Make the move! Cry the tears and then be refreshed when you aren't spending so much time agonizing over what just won't be, as much as we wish it would change.

This Advent, another catechist and myself were able to do a modified Catechesis session on the Infancy Narratives. (Catechesis got a bad name by being endorsed by Jon Bruno).

Anne Kennedy said...

What kind of modifications did you make? I have been slowly reworking my album pages but I think its going to take me the rest of my life.

Do you mean St. James Newport Beach? Fabulous church.