Wednesday, December 27, 2006

All the Little Children

We are, for the week, visiting Matt's parents. There are a total of five children in this house aged 4 1/2 (Jackson), 4 (Emma), 2 1/2 (Adean), 2 (Caden) and 5 months (Rowan)-only three of them are ours. Its been complete and total mayhem. Plus, a little culture is developing-all of us living side but side but not occupying the same spiritual space. However, despite the chaos and all the crying (Aedan has been chased by the dogs all evening, poor child), Matt + cooked a very nice dinner.

Sweet Potatoes-peeled, cubed, lathered in olive oil and baked at 350 until fork tender and golden (plus salt and pepper).
Asparagus-sauteed, luscious
Chicken in mushroom cream sauce with a lacing of sherry
Various bottles of wine.

Must now go to bed and hope for the best.


Meg Houk said...

Welcome to the great state of Texas, Anne. Would you believe the very first week of seminary (back in 1998) at TESM, I said to my Michigander husband, "I can live in a lot of places -- just not Texas." And here we are, in Dallas, no less. I've told our Bishop this is my missionary experience. Funny to realize that the plain-spoken Matt Kennedy is a Texan. Any chance you both will be at the "Mere Anglicanism" conference next month?

~R said...

Huzzah for food! Can't wait for you all to come back. I can relate to the spiritual disjunct . . . -_-