Saturday, December 02, 2006

And so we baked

One more bake sale come and gone. We ladies did manage to squash in a few moments of Bible Study before the madness began, but boy, it is hard to corral the forces away from organizing and fussing, even for just a few minutes. We started reading Esther at 8:06 and by 8:16 people were already showing up with pies and cakes. Managed to press on in spite of the interruptions. Got side tracked away from Esther, however, and on to the great difficulty of immersing someone in baptism without an appropriate font. We have a week to obtain either a metal bathtub, or a baby pool or SOMETHING. Will Somebody Please Suggest Something That Will Work!! Sorry about the yelling. Time's a running short and I don't want water all over the parish hall in 30 degree weather. Perhaps the Lord will provide. Or, we could pray. ("What! Prayer! Has it Come To That!?)


Anonymous said...

I have seen an infant baptized by immersion in a kiddle pool. There are stories that float around my parish of the first immersion baptisms (before we got a proper font for it) taking place in a large flower pot (the kind they put trees in at the mall). That was about fifteen years ago. Is your parish switching to immersion or is this special situation?

Just curious.

Anne Kennedy said...

Well, we baptize in the lake in June every year at the church picnic--we've done adults and babies that way (actually I think Matt just held the baby and sprinkled it with the lake, I'll have to go back and look at the tape). But in this case we don't want to wait until June to baptize this little girl. She is so pious and clued in, its rediculous to wait until June. And we plan to baptize our youngest at the same time. I was just going to sprinkle him, but I suppose we could go ahead and dunk him. In which case, what would he wear? Or should be be naked? Nobody wants an infant naked for that long. I think the congregation overall would happily move to immersion all the time, but I don't know how we would put something in our space. Sorry for the long response, finding a font to fit this child has been preoccupying me for three weeks. This morning she was made to stand in various tubs to see if she would fit. So complicated.

Anne Kennedy said...

All that and I didn't answer the question. This little girl's father wants her to be immersed so we're trying to make it happen earlier than we normally do immersions (which is in June). In other words, we do both. Boy am I tired. I better turn this computer off before my head explodes