Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Eat! Eat!

"If you're good during the service you can have a banana at the end. If you're not good, there is no banana."

So started Morning Prayer. I packed the kids off with Matt so that I could work on this wretched paper. He took them in, plunked them down, made the banana speach and started the service.

Apparently, and I hear this second hand, they were so bad that Matt had to stop the service, get someone else to take over, take them out and exact justice. Justice in the denial of bananas.

"You were bad, you may not have a banana."

Emma came unglued. Matt offered her a cookie, but no banana. She didn't want a cookie. She wanted a banana.

Of course, I sent them off with bananas, knowing they would be hungry. They were supposed to eat the bananas Before the service, so that they would be good, not have them held over as a treat at the end. Matt is shocked and surprised at how naughty they were. Now he is trying to force Aedan to eat an enormous bagel. Dear Heavenly Saints Above may I get this paper done before all order disappears from the universe!

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