Monday, August 26, 2013

there it went, whoosh

After celebrating my birthday for nearly a whole month
(Best Birthday Present Ever from a wonderful friend who has so devoted herself to reading this blog that she can quote it on a meme!)
and throwing myself a little party
I finally let go of the dream and started school yesterday.
Boy, too bad everything was out of focus. Stupid me with my smudgy fingers.
Day One was charming. 
So now on to Day Two. Also, I still have quite a stack ahead of me to get ready for the start of regular Sunday School. So it's possible that blogging will continue light and fairly non existent until I actually Finish That Task, sob.
But I'll be back. Certainly there's a whole lot of food I meant to write about before it disappeared into the dark shadow that is my terrible memory. Cheerio!

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R said...

Hurrah for food! I had forgotten that you share a birthday with my other favourite person, (and did he ever tease me about it... ;) ). In fairness can't recall when his is either generally, I mean, there are 365 days in the year! SO many options there, how am I to remember any? Could be worse, I recall as a child asking my father when Christmas was, and he wasn't sure... ;) Party (and FOOD) looks fantastic as ever!