Friday, August 30, 2013

7 boring quick takes: first week of school edition

It's possible that our first week of school has been a success. I remain cautiously optimistic about even getting through today in a moderately industrious manner. This morning Elphine came down to breakfast carrying her school bin and announced that she had already done a bunch of stuff. She named what it was but I couldn't really hear what she was saying due to me not being fully awake.
I'm pretty sure I enjoy homeschooling but its hard for me to know right at this moment due to not being fully awake.
Pretty sure I'm not fully awake because I dreamt much of the night I was being prank called as I was having to repaint my living room an 80s like burgundy. So exhausted from all the talking and painting all night and then nothing to show for it.
The first day of school (Tuesday) I was harangued into making for breakfast what I made last Christmas--some sort of Egg in Ramikan Tapas. 
You sauté green pepper and bacon and corn and some other stuff, I don't know what, and put it in the Ramikan with a little cream and then you crack an egg in, put a sprinkle of cheese on, and bake it. Pretty good. Relatively low on the Complain O Meter.
I think I've fallen into a tick of complaining all the time about how the children complain all the time. They don't actually complain and whine that much because they're not allowed to and my tolerance for it is at an all time low. I would count just not eating the whole egg as complaining about it, or, asking if you have to do the whole page of copy work counts as complaining, even if you ask with a smile. Obviously those kinds of things happen all the time, but I've categorized them in my own mind as a whine and the offender is met with one of those little Dr. Evil 'Zptf, sounds.
It's so nice and serene in my school room when there's no one in there doing school. Me and Elphine's Cat, Frances, we just so enjoy the quiet and the clean.
And I'm really enjoying that Elphine has made breakfast two mornings in a row and that Alouicious made lunch yesterday. This year is going to be different because of the overall greater age and competence of the children. For instance, I was finally able to put up the nice calendar low on the wall knowing that Marigold and Fatty Lumpkin could be rationally persuaded to leave it alone. And I can say things like, 'sweep the floor' and it might be basically swept, maybe. It's sort of amazing. I haven't experienced anything like it in ages. And then, of course, the substance of the work is more interesting to me this year. After so many years of this
it's so interesting to be working with a child who has this
Bin full of interesting things to read and write and learn. And now, strangely, it's 8:46 and everyone is working busily away, dressed and in their right minds, and I am sitting on the couch in a heavy sweater with a vat of tea Still Trying To Wake Up. For the love of all that is good and holy, somebody get me a coffee bean to chew on or something!

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