Tuesday, August 13, 2013

catch up

Binghamton is welcoming us back whole heartedly with a torrential down pour this morning. Actually, we've been here through the weekend which was beautiful and sunny and cool. But as we drove over the Susquehanna we noticed how high and brown and rushing it was. Clearly it has been raining and so it is no surprise that it is raining now. Though 'raining' is to light and domestic a word. My dog, Ash(erbanapal) just considered the quality of the outdoors with a sardonic eye and reconfigured himself back under the blankets of my bed. I guess an actual walk with me dragging him along on the leash in the rain is in our immediate future. Still, he is a kindred soul with good and right feelings about the weather. I will eventually forgive him.

The rain is providential, unhappily. Were it not for the wet I would have a hard time not being out in the garden for the whole day, when really, I have to go out and face down the six suitcases strewn over the garage floor and start putting the school room together against next Tuesday, which is the day circled in wide red marker as the beginning of school. 'The beginning of school!' you say, 'when all around you are eking out the last of the beautiful summer weather?' 
'Exactly,' say I, 'stop thinking its going to be summer this year and just go back to work.'

It is my fervent desire and intention to blog lightly about the last month, particularly the food, and also to take pictures of the beautifully gorgeous new floor in my kitchen and school room, and also to take pictures of Gladys' new hair cut and relate the tragic events which led to its sheering (three packs of gum, three 9 hour drives, one sad and angry mother), and perhaps, if time stretches itself to be longer than it really is, to write about the saving character of God who preserved and protected us along the way. But also, don't hold me to this ideal list. The fact is that the pile of work ahead of me is not in proportion to my energy nor the number of my days and if you find that I  am blogging it is because I am failing at the works God has prepared for me to walk in.

All that said, I'm so happy to be home and so happy that we got to go away and so happy that God is so constantly nice to me, though I deserve his wrath. And now I will gather my will together and go see how much cereal has been lathered over the beautiful floor.

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