Monday, April 22, 2013

weekend haze

Yesterday was the Queen's birthday so Elphine made an Italian Apple Cake again. She had to double the recipe because of adding an awful lot of baking powder. Also Matt and I argued vehemently about how much sugar she should put in. This morning, as I lay wondering why anyone was up and what horror would arise should I open my eyes, Matt put my tea tray down next to me and said, 'Remember the Bert and Ernie about the salt? That's such an important lesson--the amount of sugar you prefer isn't the same as what everyone else does.'
On Friday, Marigold ripped out the only daffodils that had bloomed in my back garden. Was so annoyed with her. She sticks out her lower lip really far when she's done something terrible, like she's the one that's been hurt.
She puts on a huge big dress every day and says its her favorite. All of them, we guess, are her favorite.
On Sunday in the parish hall Marigold and Fatty Lumpkin gathered with their favorite baby friend to eat a lot of food and have a Little Girl's Party. This scene really only needs a large Paddington sitting in the cake to be perfect.

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