Friday, April 19, 2013

7 quick takes, maybe

I'm sitting in front of the computer watching a live stream of local Boston news waiting for them all to find the second Boston bomber. The babies are crashing around shouting at each other. Everyone else is asleep, except Matt and Alouicious who are at Bible Study. The anchorette is trying to figure out what would happen to send these two young men over the edge to commit such a desperate act. Seemed like the man next to her wanted to gently tell her not to be stupid, but instead he changed the subject. He's probably married, sensible man.
We have watched coverage of this on and off all week and never once have any of the children asked how or why such a terrible thing could happen. Did read the long Auntie Leila post which was very good to tuck away and have on hand. So far there is no real confusion about evil in this house. We know that evil resides in all our own hearts, let alone other people's, and it takes the cross and Jesus to get rid of it. So none of us wonder how such terrible things could happen. But also, they all have the attention span of a flea.
Knowing that human beings are sinful is such a restful blessing, don't you think. There's never a reason to cry out to your child as she is sprinkling a whole gallon of sugar all over the kitchen and school room floor, and inside your slippers, 'Why are you doing that!?' Or 'What would possess you to touch the sugar when you've been told thirty times not to!?' Carrying around the idea of a good and righteous human person besides Jesus is too big a burden for me to lug around.
On the side of good, though, Fatty Lumpkin has taught her own self the use of the loo. No one wanted to cope with this idea right now, but she seems generally self directed, so there you are. That is my 'potty training' advice. Don't bother with it, it's too much trouble. Just have children who will eventually get fed up enough to figure it out on their own.
She is very pleased with herself. She is also trying to keep up with all the talking and language going on around here. She can say ' I don't want it!' and 'mine!' and 'Oh No!' and 'sorry' after sinking her sharp teeth into your upper fleshy arm. Marigold, on the other hand, is learning the glorious art of manipulation, 'I just want to be with you today, Mommy,' she said on Sunday, her eyes wide, her fake smile fixed. Yesterday she came in and announced 'Baby is pouring sugar on my own daddy's floor.' Then she said, 'Let's take my own dog for a walk now Mommy.'
I can't believe how the week got away from me. It was one of those spin around in a circle accomplishing nothing kinds of weeks. Are we supposed to go forward in a line towards something? I hope not.
Alouicious did turn nine last Sunday. He got his birthday prayer and sticker at church and then had lots of friends over after for pork and crepes and salad and then cake. It's hard to believe he's that old. I suppose by the end of the year he and Elphine will both be taller than me. Stupid children, growing up.
Have a great weekend and pray for Jen and her family!

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Dr. Alice said...

You're right, an awareness of sin is restful. I get tired of the handwringing about why these evil acts happened.
Also, no pesky arguing about demonizing various beliefs/religions/etc. such has been going on all over Twitter (I had to turn it off as I was getting needlessly angry plus wasting time that I could be using better). Your approach is far more realistic.