Saturday, April 20, 2013

on a saturday getting ready for sunday

Gladys wrote another poem last Sunday during Sunday School. At the very end she uses the word 'submitted' which we both struggled to find. She kept saying something like it and I didn't understand what she was trying say, so I offered up several words and she picked 'submitted'.

By Gladys

God saved his people.
He saved the people of Israel
and then he saved everyone
by dying on the cross.

And they were safe from all the trouble there was in the world.
So he took the bread and said,
'This is my body which is given to you.
Eat it for the remembrance of me.
This is my blood which is given to you.
Drink it for the remembrance of me.'

And after they had a good supper
they went out to a hill of Jerusalem
so they could pray.
And then when they got there
God's friends fell asleep.
Jesus said to them,
'Do not go to sleep. Pray with me.'

And then people took Jesus away and hung him on the cross with nails.
They flung a spear at his heart so blood and water flowed down.
They put a thorny crown on his head so his head would bleed.
So then they brought him down from the cross.
They put him in a tomb.

And the next day the ladies came and said,
'Who will roll away the stone?'
But when they got there the stone was already rolled away.
In the tomb they saw and angel who said,
'God is alive.
Go and tell his friends in the city of Jerusalem where they are waiting.'

Mary Magdalen saw Jesus in the garden.
She tried touching him.
She was crying and fell down on the grass.

On Easter he rose up from the dead because God raised him up.
He submitted himself to death and God raised him up.

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Joyce Carlson said...

I am so impressed. Next time I forget the details I'm going to ask Gladys to fill me in.