Friday, December 14, 2012

unlinked, unhinged 7 quick takes

My computer cord seems to be taking its last dying breath and I am in the last ten minutes of the battery charge. So it may be that this will by my last blog gasp before Christmas. WHAT A HORRIBLE THOUGHT.
The children are supposed to be running around picking up "quickly" so as to be able to go hear a friend in a concert tonight. But instead of that, it seems they are cleaning up a massive spill of water on the kitchen floor. No one can explain to me how there is so much water.
I haven't been able to post pictures on this, my tiny stupid blog, and I have been so enraged I have not been able to bring myself even to look at my own page. Rage. Anger. Don't know whether to pay money to stupid blogger so as to be able to post pictures or chuck it all and start a new blog on a new platform. Advice? Counsel? Opinions?
shock. I'm not ready for Christmas. I thought I was, but then I looked around and realized I'm Not At All. So am sitting here in my bed thinking of maybe going on a holiday from reality.
Am more and more a proponent of quick public just execution. Who's with me? Or at least with me to pray for these families. Lord Have Mercy. And mercy for Mali, where its just getting worse and worse and worse.
In light of the maybe no picture no blogging thing, Follow me on Instagram! and friend me on Facebook. I would find the links but I'm seriously on my last minutes.
I guess God wants me to go look at the massive puddle of water. There goes my charge! pip pip, sob


Anne Angelo, Telepathic Animal Communication, Small Animal Massage, Reiki Master, LCSW said...

Is it because you have "stored" to many photos. I've thought about using another blog service because it is so hard for people to follow my blog. But I woudldn't want to loose all that article. (P.S-just as a hopefully helpful reminder, I wasn't sure if you remember the advent candles - you mentioned that you thought you forget about them a year after the fact).

Tom said...

My congregation at Craggy Prison said that too much media attention to such events encourages copy-cat killers. We need to know moe about times when such tragedies are prevented by teacher / school actions.

Kat said...

I tried to friend you on Facebook, but FB is being uncooperative and won't give me the option... So if you don't mind me following you there, I'll message you there (that, it will let me do) and see if you can friend me. I'm not incognito, so you'll know it's me. I could send a friend request to any of your friends, but not to you. (Silly FB!)

LiveJournal doesn't seem to break or change things too often. But I can understand how starting over could be daunting.

Very unfortunately, you can't stop or prepare for crazy and evil. A similar scenario as in CT happened this morning in China- only the killer used a knife and managed to wound 22 children as they arrived at school.

You can't stop crazy and evil in politics, either.