Saturday, December 22, 2012

the first decade

Am sitting here holding a couple of kids who feel better but who are pokey and puny after a long night and day of sick, and watching Elf. Vomit and a movie where Will Farrell eats spaghetti covered in syrup--its a fitting way to mark ten years of ordination. Ten years ago on this day, which must have been a Friday or a Monday or a Sunday or something, I had dressed Elphine up in a beautiful little velvet green dress and stuffed myself and my awesome haircut into something black and spent the evening with Matt and Good Shepherd and lots of other people from around Binghamton. That old church was never so full as that night.

And now I'm still wearing black and I finally have an awesome haircut again--took ten years to get it right. But now the kids dress themselves and tell me what to wear and run over by themselves to church, this big huge new church, that is filling up. And now, to counterbalance all this nostalgia and Memorial Sitting Around, I'm going to do a bunch of disgusting laundry. Because that's what the cross is about, probably.


Anonymous said...

how about a pic of your new hairdo

Anonymous said...

A good thing to celebrate.

Katherine Mary Martin said...

Each time a great example of sacramental living.

Dr. Alice said...

Congratulations. May you continue from strength to strength.