Sunday, March 18, 2012

on to bigger fancier things

Stand Firm just (finally!) relaunched! (sorry about all the exclamation marks)
Out of sheer nepotism I'm still linked under the Anglican category. Thanks Matt!

Anyway, as this has been looming on the horizon lo these many months, I've wallowed deeper and deeper into a lovely pillow of nostalgia about Stand Firm and all it has been over the years, both to the Current Anglican Unpleasantness and to us as a family. So many of our babies' moments of being born coincided catastrophically closely with General Conventions or Lambeth or New Orleans meetings. So many times I would sit at my computer pushing 'refresh' obsessively reading Matt and Sarah's live blogs of incredible happenings, so fat I could barely reach the keyboard, much less the endless cups of tea my mother would supply me with. She would come and prop me up so Matt could blog, blog, blog blogblogblogblog.....

That is our Life! Blogging. And the church, of course, and so many babies. But really blogging.
When I'm blessed with new technology the bookmarks always go up (in this order) Stand Firm, Matt's Email, My Email, Undercurrentofhostility, Facebook, the Bible, the Dictionary, YouTube.

As for the Current Unpleasantness, its probably too big to try to measure. We up here at Good Shepherd were able to connect with Anglicans around the world, were able to access breaking news, were able to see inside the centers of power and decision making. When we moved the readers of Stand Firm knocked us flat with prayer, love, stuff, money, vestments, technology, so many things we were completely overwhelmed.

And now the team is bigger, the site is lovely and I expect to see more and more of the inner workings of a fading mainline Christianity in the West. I raise my cup of tea, Congratulations Stand Firm. Here's to another great decade!


Anonymous said...

You're still linked cuz you're good and funny and interesting, not cuz you're married to what's his name!

Annie Patterson Rothgeb said...

It really is all so very exciting. And shiny.