Friday, March 02, 2012

7 catchup takes

I'm on the last day of strep and thrush medicine. Knew I had strep! I just didn't have it yet. It needed the thrush to bring it along. My doctor told me I could have my tonsils out but recommended waiting seven or eight years until my children are older and at which point he expects it will just go away on its own. But the idea of having strep 4 or 5 times a year for the next eight years does not fill me with wonder and joy.
Our washing machine broke last Saturday, and rather than buy a new one, which we just don't feel like doing right now, Matt took 12 biblical baskets of laundry to the local laundry mat and did it all in 2 hours. And now its all in my living room (three days later). I mean, I could put it away, but it is SO convenient just to pop in there and for clothes and dish towels and so on. If I was going to design a house I now know very much what it would look like.
I heard, to my amazement, from the nursery person at church that Marigold was extremely obedient on Sunday. She, the nursery person, had only to look at her, Marigold, warningly and she would stop doing whatever bad thing she was intending. This is a great shock to me because of the way our lives play out at home where she quietly and stealthily ruins everything and I run around screaming 'NO NO NO' all day.
Alouicious has been continuing his habit of waking up very early, between 6 and 7 every morning (! SO EARLY!) and doing every last bit of school he can do by himself by 8:30 or 9am. I can't tell you how unnerved I am by this, as a devoted and pathological procrastinator myself. Elphine, in a more comprehensible and reasonable way sleeps until almost 8 and then takes the entire day to do a few things agonizingly.
Have composed two or three posts in my head about why we don't do any lovely lenten things as a family only to never have time to write them down. But I should really try this weekend. I've read so many blogs posts about wonderful lent things you can do with children, and felt mournful, BUT NOT guilty. So maybe I'll really blog about that this weekend. It really does merit a whole post.
Long ago Gladys dumped tea on my lap top (I'm sure I blogged about it) and we managed to dry it out and carry on. But eventually the whole thing cashed out, or so I thought. Anyway, Matt ordered a new screen and painstakingly took the old one out and put the new one in AND IT WORKS! I'm afraid to say I was extremely skeptical about his ability to do this but, what with him being so clever, I'm hoping he will take up building computers and stuff.
Glancing up these Takes I can see I've gone rather wild with the ALL CAPS. Sorry. I feel rather jittery. As usual between 4 and 6 am Matt listened to John MacArthur preaching on Acts and I had a bizarre dream that he, John McArthur, preached a whole sermon and then just as the choir was about to strike up, he began preaching again. As it became clear that the sermon was never going to end I started nudging the woman next to me, accidentally angering her. Then I discovered that I hadn't brushed my teeth but before I could apologize I looked up at what had become a stage and there, behind John McArthur, I saw Matt and another pastor preparing to do that horrible cage fighting thing with no rules. Then a child came and woke me up to complain about there not being breakfast. And here I am, an hour later, blogging and still there's no breakfast.

Have a great weekend and go check out Jen!


Joyce Carlson said...

This IS very funny, and as you can see, I'm telling you so here and NOT on FB. sosososo Ooops. xoxoxoxo ME

Kat said...

The Duggars have a laundry room and family closet that's all in one. They simply wash their vast mountains of laundry, and then walk over a couple steps to hang them up or put them into open bins. This is what I want, too, in my dream house.

Left to my own devices, our clothing would live in baskets in the kitchen (the nearest room to the garage, where the laundry is) but I'm married to someone who doesn't like rifling through baskets trying to find all of his clothing.

It was our dryer that went out this week. Luckily, it's fixable for a $20 part. There must be something in the air. A friend had her dryer die in the last couple weeks, too.

Anonymous said...

joyce sososo is smooch hug?

Melanie said...

You are hilarious, and I am positive I would read anything you wrote. Love your blog posts.

Christine Osgood said...

That is soooo great about the lap top! Go Matt!! I finally got a chance to read a post of yours- relaxing in bed on a Sat morn

Dr. Alice said...

If you want to hear some unsolicited medical advice, get your tonsils out! It will be worth it. And kudos to your husband on fixing the laptop.