Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Anglican 1000

I'm down here in Plano with Matt while he blogs.

Sunday evening, after feeding the children roast beef and salad and letting them watch ten minutes of the Fantastic Four or something awful, I forget, we shoved them in the car and spent an hour driving them to the various places they're staying all this week. They are scattered across Binghamton in warm cozy houses with people prepared to stuff them with food and make them do school. Matt also legally signed his will, just a tiny superstition to keep the airplane in the sky.

I always do feel, as we hurdle down the runway in these rickety metal tubes, how totally freaky it is that we think we can fly. In Albany we were in the very last row and we were swung back and forth by the gales as we took off.

There were no less than 9 wheel chairs on that leg of the flight. 80 percent of the assembled group was over 70, at least. Then there was us and then a woman with a child. What I want to know is, why didn't the assembled throngs all just stay in Tampa? Why did they come back up to New York for February and January and only go down in March? If it was me, I wouldn't have come back up.

So now we're here and I'm trying to make up my mind whether or not I'm actually going to exercise. Its very possible that I won't really do it, since its all the way on the other side of the hotel. And walking freely around from plane to plane to car to hotel without a procession of children and luggage and sippy cups and dolls and weeping has made me already veeeerrrryyyyy llllaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy. Wow. I feel like I could just never move from this spot ever.

But I probably will. Elphine called right away when she woke up to make sure we are still alive. I didn't peg her as the person who might have a hard time. She's been SO EXCITED to spend the week with her friend--just frothing with excitement for a whole month. And now last night and this morning she seemed very teary on the phone. I'm delighted, of course. I mean, I don't want her to be sad but I'm SO relieved that she misses me.

So, I guess I'll bestir myself. Matt will be blogging on Stand Firm and on the Anglican 1000 site so you can follow all the lovely talks and events of the conference. I will be trying to retool my  homeschooling life and planning the next year and probably obsessing just a tiny bit about all the Super Tuesday stuff. And probably blogging or tweeting or something.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your free time and just be lazy. It wont last so revel in it.

Steph said...

Oh, she's doing fine. She had a moment yesterday when she was overtired and became a little teary eyed, but for the most part she's been jumping around and having a great time. She's stuffy (probably from the dust collecting in R.'s room from all of the stuffys that she obsessively collects) which is probably why she sounded teary. Either way, each time we pray, she asks to say a special prayer for you both. What a wonderful little girl you have. She's looking forward to seeing the boys tomorrow and the girls on Thursday.