Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I'm watching a cool documentary about earthquakes on Matt's new Kindle Fire while he snores loudly. He outdid himself in the way of goose, Brussels sprouts (that can't be right, is that really how you spell that?), Cornish game hens, mashed potatoes, gravy, and the sermon in church. Its the first time I managed to get to church on Christmas day. The girls thought they would come but then changed their minds and ran back home to keep playing. Everyone really played wildly and devotedly for the whole day. Well, I say everyone, but I obviously mean the children. I didn't play. I made bread and Yorkshire pudding and weirdly, decided to flame my persimmon pudding. It didn't flame very much but it was really delicious, if I say so myself. And the table, which I neglected to take pictures of, was beautiful thanks to Matt's mom and aunt.

So obviously I'm just being stupid now. Being that its 12:14 and everyone will wake up shortly and want to know what my problem is and why I'm not rising with a song on my lips and joy in my heart. Merry Christmas! May all 11 days remaining be beautiful for you.


Julie said...

Not sure about persimmons as I have never tasted one, lol, but your bread looks divine in that picture! So I'm sure that your pudding was, too!

Wow, goose AND cornish hens -- impressive! I remember as a child when my father requested roasted goose for Christmas dinner and mum obliged. But she said never agsin! lol Apparently, she did not enjoy dealing with the protective layer of fat that geese have. Because of that, I've never done one. Perhaps they are better trimmed and prepared nowadays?

Happy that the Kennedys had the lovely holiday they so richly deserve!

Kat said...

@Julie: Geese are not trimmed now- the entire purpose of a goose, for a lot of people, is getting the rendered fat to use for the rest of the year. Roasting a goose is EASY- you just perforate the skin to allow the fat out, and if you don't want a smoky kitchen, siphon it off a couple times during the roasting. People get intimidated by Goose, probably because of the price you pay for one in the U.S, but there's no reason to be.