Tuesday, December 13, 2011

maniacal laughter

Feel led to blog....can't think of anything to blog about today.
Sorry, I just have Adrian Plass stuck in my head all the time.
I do have lots of things to blog about but more pressing is the fact that Matt's parents are coming in four days and there are a myriad of ways in which I am not a tiny bit ready for this occurrence, among them being my intention to pull off a full week of school, get my laundry room into sparkly order, do a little more painting, finish a bunch of presents, move the girls out of the guestroom into some other bedrooms, and just generally be on top of everything in my life. In other words, it would be deeply irresponsible of me to blog this week, And Yet, I probably will because that's what I do when I am trying to avoid reality. I think I've had it in my mind that this coming weekend is Christmas. Found it a great relief when I looked at the calender yesterday and found this to not be the case.


Sarah Boyle Webber said...

But as I recall you mentioning a time or two, Matt's parents are wonderful and won't be at all annoyed if everything isn't perfect before their arrival.

sara said...

Anne- I'm a friend of Polly's (we met at her wedding...I was the tallest bridesmaid, the one with a gaping wound on my leg, if that helps). Since then, I've been blog-stalking you, and thoroughly enjoy your posts. I'm officially coming out of the woodwork as a blog follower, to ask this very important question-- which is the first Adrian book? I searched on Amazon, but couldn't figure out which was first!

Anne Kennedy said...

Sarah--they won't be annoyed! I just want to relax when they're here and still not be cleaning.

Sara--Thank you for reading my blog!
I would start with The Sacred Diary and then read The Theatrical Tapes of Leonard Thinn and from there read The Horizontal Epistles of Andromeda Veal and then, if you still haven't had enough, The Alien at St. Wilfrid. I know there's been later ones but I haven't read them yet. I hope you love them!

Joyce Carlson said...

My most favorite bit out of the Alien at St. Wilfred's--a take-off on Hymns Ancient and Modern with which I am afflicted 5 Sundays of 5 at St. Francis, Karen:
"Forswear, O faint, vain faith that flees, and whilst betimes with cherubim, redemption's law vouchsafest be, much less availeth nought for him."