Monday, December 05, 2011

In conversation with children

Romulus gagging and trying to get through his dinner.
You know this black stuff on top of the potato? Well, that stuff makes some people throw up.
(Nobody is allowed to say they don't like something at dinner, and nobody is allowed to throw up.)

Romulus putting a little world on the Jesse Tree.
God created the world?! Seriously?!
(Like we haven't mentioned this over and over in the last four months! What!)

Alouicious flirting with logic.
You know why I believe Santa is real? Because people don't go outside at night and so it must be Santa that brings presents all at once. He's the only one that's out late.
(He's right. We Don't Ever go outside after dark. Congratulated him on his astute reasoning.)


Laura in NJ said...

it's not santa; it's the tooth fairy (she moonlights this time of year).

Laura in NJ said...

he's half-right; it's actually the tooth fairy (she moonlights this time of year).

Anonymous said...

There's a lovely quote in Gladys Hunt's book, Honey for a Child's Heart. Her son comes and says he's figured something out about Santa and the Tooth Fairy: that they're both nocturnal.

Rev Dr Mom said...

Just out of curiosity, what was the black stuff on top of the baked potato?

Love your Advent header!