Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Trick a Trial a Trifle

I have a beautiful trifle dish. I bought it for a dollar at the Christmas Tree Shop in 2007 and made a gorgeous trifle right away. This week I thought it was time for a second trifle.

I instructed Matt on my way out the door.
"Cut up the last bit of delicious Easter bread/cake" I shouted, flinging kids and backpacks in the car, "and pour some brandy on it and put it in the fridge."

He gazed back at me in confusion and wonder. "How big should the chunks be? And how much brandy?"

"Just a splash!" I called gaily and swept out of our drive narrowly missing hitting a school bus. I'm such a great driver.

Five hours later I came home. "How did it go?"
"Well, you didn't say how much brandy. What does 'Just a splash mean?'"
I looked in the dish at the brandy laden bread/cake. Matt had poured almost an Entire Bottle of Brandy on it. It smelled delicious but Too Much.

So I made custard and arranged raspberries all over the top and left it for a while hoping the Trifle Fairy would come and fix it or something (why not? The kids have the stupid old forgetful Tooth Fairy. Why can't there be a Trifle Fairy?). In the face of no obvious improvement, this afternoon I dumped it out of the Trifle Dish into a baking pan and baked it at 350 for an hour. It came out golden, pungent and basically delicious if you ladle it with cream and sugar and take very very very tiny bites and drink lots of water to keep from getting tipsy.


Steph said...

Sounds like my kind of cake!

Had a really nice time visiting the other day. If you ever feel the need to find a babysitter for E. (don't know what the blog name for her is yet), let me know. You know, if all of the other fourty or so people who are in love with her are busy...just saying. Not that I love the others less, just like her a little more (I think it's because she drools on me!)

R said...

Having partaken of trifle no. 1, I am very sorry I missed this! As it is I'm being punished with more ultrasounds at a hospital with NO parking. Kass actually missed the scan entirely because he was still circling...


Anne Kennedy said...

R, WHAT!!! What news!? I wish so desperately that you would blog and/or facebook.

Bob † said...

That's kind of like in the mid '60's a couple of months after the honeymoon when my wife asked what I wanted in the new cake pan. "Anything," the typical male response. "How about a rum cake?" she responded. "Sure!"

She grabbed the bottle of Hudson's Bay Demerara and the recipe and a way she went. . .and our 1st bites were "WOW!" Demerara isn't in Firefox's spell checker so it was red underlined. When I R clicked, the first option was Demerol. It could have worked as HB's Demerara is 151 proof.