Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not dead yet

Was just sitting here thinking, "I wonder what I could blog about if I had an inclination to blog" when into my email popped a nice note from some reader wishing I would write. I agree it is disagreeable to click onto someone's blog and see the same old Funeral title there day after day.

I do look at my blog every day. I click on the link and stare at it and think, "what a nice blog. Someday I should write something for it." And then I click on one of the nice blogs on the side and never wind my way back.

Fact is, I have exactly (from tomorrow) one week left of school.
and then I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my life.

My short term plan is to sleep straight for three and a half days. I was thinking to put a huge box of cheerios, a bag of apples, some loaves of bread, a jumbo sized nutella, and some raisins on the kitchen floor and hope that all the children are still living when I wake up three days later. After that I'm really open to suggestions.

In the very very near term, while waiting to be raptured on Saturday (I mean really, what if he's right? Are you really going to refuse to be caught up just because the guy is crazy?) I am also waiting (really waiting, sitting here staring out of the window watching every car drive by waiting) for a fancy dancy little tiny computer my husband so wonderfully bought me mere hours after my old one refused to be of any further use to me ever.

In the next immediate half hour I intend to watch Word Girl, likely alone because the children have to clean the play room before they can watch it and they are being like molasses on a cold cold day. I love Word Girl.


Steph said...

One of the very best things about being a parent is that you are allowed to unapologetically watch cartoons for the rest of your life.

Sorry I didn't think to have Rae help with the clean up tonight, maybe we can make her scrub floors next week? I kid...well, kinda!

Love your posts. Huge jar of Nutella, hmmmm, can I come over during those three days?!

I'm so, so ready for school to be over! Just a little while longer, we're almost there!

JWeiher said...

After your slumber, get outside and plant some vegetables. The planting will nourish your soul and the veggies your body. Ever since my son picked peas from our garden, he eats them and eats them and never would before that. Of course, who can blame him for not wanting frozen peas?

Lauren said...

I think your kids could easily survive on those emergency rations. They would even *love* them, and request them forevermore, cancelling out the necessity of any future cooking.

Just do it!

Anna said...

Word up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing - I love your menu plan - Ct layperson

AmmaKate said...

Love ya more than my overused luggage! BTW, great location for the food plan during your "nap"! Sure sign of an experienced, thoughtful planner!!