Friday, May 27, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

My computer is on the delivery truck. Could be here any minute.  Don't know what to do with myself. Have like six or a hundred things I could do but can't focus.
Matt and I had strep this week and so we missed the whole last week of school. Sob. Including the end of the year party today.
Alouicious: I guess I like this song because of the ninja.
Me: Ninja?

Elphine: What a wreck her house is. She's going to have to buy all new dishes. How wasteful.
Me: But such an amazing voice. (h/t Jess)
Gladys singing to the baby:
Paddycake Paddycake Bakers Man (how do you even spell this?)
Bake me a cake like Jackie Chan!

And yelling at Romulus: Leave me alone I'm playing Speed Racer!!!
I'm preaching on Colossians 3:18 on Sunday. What a treat for me, and for all women everywhere. Heard a rumor that the Men's Bible Study prayed that I would convince all their wives to submit to them. Wonder what the Women's Bible Study will pray for.
This is so so so so funny.

especially after watching this (don't watch it if you're a man because its horribly lewd)

Now I need to go organize a party for a lot of disappointed and crying children. SO HORRIBLE to miss the end of the year party!!!!

Go check out Jen!


Steph said...

1. How much do I love stories about your kids?!? They are all hilarious and unique (the kids, not the stories, although they are by association).

2. Am I the only one as fascinated by the faces she DOESN'T make while singing almost as much as I'm floored by her voice?

3. Nope, I'm not doing seven. I'm too scatterbrained for that, and don't feel like making a whole blog post for it, so I guess I'm actually too lazy for that!

4. I hope you are all feeling better and that your party goes off without a hitch. We didn't make it through our week of double days. Two weeks until we're done :(

5. Adele is amazing. Check out Turning Tables and Someone Like You. They are off of the new album (21).

6. GAH! So close! I'm looking forward to your sermon this Sunday as this is an area I have a really hard time with(as do most women in our generation, I'm sure!).

Anonymous said...

Adele - Oh, my gosh! Have never heard of her before. Wow, what a voice!
Thank you for introducing me to her upmteem songs/videos on UTube.