Saturday, January 08, 2011

Saturday Muddlings

Really miss blogging. However, just tried to perch the computer on my tummy only to find it slide off and hit the floor heavily. Am now trying to lean over and type so that it won't fall but am too enormous to really reach the keyboard.

Not really sleeping any more out of anxiety that we are Not Ready For This Baby!!! The house isn't clean. I don't have any baby clothes out and washed. We haven't even moved the current baby out the car seat into something bigger. The baby bed is full of toys. I don't have anything arranged to take to the hospital (my special socks, my special hidden pen, my special hidden toothbrush, the exact right novel...).

And, even more worrying, the baby is head up and already 7lbs.
So, um,
the only thing I can think of is to give you is this.

If you make it through the video you have to be sure and read the comments. I laughed for over an hour and ended up in so much pain I had to take a handful of Tylenol. I only discovered this Amazing video by trying to read about the inauguration of our new governor. I still don't know anything about that event because of only having time to read about this cake--although calling it a cake seems kind of a stretch.

In  other news we think the cat is trying to kill us.


Kerry said...

Gee, thanks, I've now wasted nearly an hour watching crazy Sandra Lee videos and reading comments. But it was a funny hour, at least!

Too funny - thank you for that link!

Anonymous said...

lol! I've seen that video clip before.. the cake is too awful to contemplate. What's more, Sandra Lee is purportedly the fiancee of your new governor, though he seems to be playing fast and loose with her heart. Here poor Sandra had dreams of living in the governor's mansion, and chirruping happily when reporters would ask her about it.. only to hear Mario respond to another reporter, that no, she wouldn't be moving in. I feel badly for her.. Mario Cuomo has cad written all over him.

So, what is the cat doing exactly?

When I was last pregnant, there was no internet, no laptops. I remember barely sleeping in terror, as the closer you get, the more you are besieged with all the what ifs. Take a nice deep breath, place your stress, fears and worries in God's hands. Even if you aren't 100% ready, I believe Matt will have it all taken care of for you. He can bring you a suitcase, I'm sure he'll pick out something delightful for you to read (my own husband bowled me over with shock when he brought in a paperback he'd personally picked out for me, and he'd never been able to do that prior to that point, and he never was able to afterwards. We'd just moved in to a new apartment, and hadn't unpacked our boxes, the crib wasn't assembled (I've always been the handy one in the family, most likely because I was the eldest, and my mother was divorced and needed me to pitch in) The day we brought the baby home, everything was unpacked, the crib assembled, made up with freshly washed crib sheet and blanket, with a mobile hanging. Not even a dirty dish in the house.. he'd even arranged my things on the dresser. I was floored, but then again that big pink bubble you float in when you bring home that first baby.. well anything would have been magical, but he went above and beyond.

Don't drive yourself 'round the bend, everything will work out. Take the time to do what you have to do, to relax. Worrying doesn't achieve anything but more of the same. God bless you!

Sibyl said...

Maybe instead of a baby shower, the ladies of the church could offer some pre-natal assistance, make a schedule to cover things when you go into labor and get together for a really good deep loving prayer meeting!

lissla lissar said...

My word.

The video's a joke, right? It's supposed to be funny, right?


You know, I think Wanda's Macaroni Salad is still worse. Look that up if you dare. :)