Wednesday, January 12, 2011

in the bleak horrible snowy winter

There is something deeply mesmerizing about listening to the list of school closings on the radio. Even looking at the list online or watching the local news doesn't produce that deep sense of peace as our local NPR guy's strange lispy vaguely southern voice of soothing calm. I've listened to the recitation a total of 5 times this morning and have not been disappointed or bored by it once. Sadly, the hour is nine and everyone pretty well knows who's on a 2 hour delay and who is actually closed, so I'll have to wait until the next big snow for this small morning pleasure.

The hour is indeed nine and even though I can barely keep my eyes open. the throngs are clamoring to be allowed to go out in the wretched stuff. Monday, if you popped by, I was facing a sledding extravaganza which did, in fact, take place. It took me about three hours and one temper tantrum (mine when the closet door leaped off and smacked me in the foot) to find everyone's snow suit, boots, hats, gloves, scarves and the camera. Fortunately, when we finally made it to the slope Romulus completely spooked after one ride down the hill and screamed so loudly and longly that I was Forced to sit in the warm toasty car with him and the baby watching the madness from afar.

Today I'm going to watch from the window while they all fall down and cry and stuff. And then we'll all have a nap.

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Ann McCarthy said...

Have a wonderful time, and a hopefully very long nap!