Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Obsession--I'm sorry, I'm 37 weeks, I simply have nothing else on my mind

Matt appears to have the flu or something horrible which is in direct conflict with the baby who loves him SO MUCH that she wants to bounce up and down on his stomach and pinch him and be the center of his life.

I am delightedly watching the ice fall from the sky and humming songs of gratitude for a day off from school. I am exactly one day away from being totally on top of my laundry--including new baby things. I'm going to make the kids do puzzles (clean clean clean puzzles) all day and read books while I launder order back into our lives.

I spent nearly the whole morning at the Dr. yesterday--down to weekly visits now which is such a pain. This wretched baby is so seriously head grinning, waving, yawning and generally flitting away her time that I nearly had a temper tantrum. I'm not really prepared to try the ironing board thing, but I am going to try the music thing today, which I've heard first hand does work. I am really agonizingly afraid of a C-Section, just the whole idea of it makes me burst into tears. On the other hand, I've been very blessed to have five healthy normal deliveries with no complications and no trouble who have turned into five healthy stubborn messy children. So, having been commanded by the doctor not to go into labor this week because "the baby is going to turn, stop freaking out Anne" I am going to go merrily along my way and try to trust God.

Anyway, what with the flu and the laundry  and whatever else we have going on, the Tooth Fairy AGAIN neglected to visit our house last night. That makes twice for Elphine and once for Alouicious. His tooth has been hanging out of his mouth in the most foul looking way for weeks, but he wouldn't let anyone lay a hand on it or aid him in anyway. I finally convinced him to take a bite of a big juicy apple and out it came. However the Tooth Fairy apparently got stuck in the ice (just like an airplane) besides being so old and decrepit she can't keep a thought in her head, much to the disappointment of us all, and so we're going to have to write her a letter today and hope that she will pull things together.


quirkyskittle said...

I was delivered by C-section. (As the joke goes, "You can't tell by looking at me. But every time I leave a room, I go out the window!") My mom actually liked that better than regular-style birth, which she experienced later with my brother. So maybe it's not too traumatic.

Rich G said...

We tried the ironing board thing with our firstborn son and he did turn but then took the first opportunity to return to breech pres. His younger brother was delivered VBAC, a relatively new thing for the BGM area. They're equally likely to prefer a window to a door as an exit :-)

Lauren said...

You'll be fine. Take a breath (and perhaps a drink), and find something else to think about.

Anonymous said...

I can hear my blessed grandmother saying, "Get on you hands and knees and scrub some floors." The motion is actually part pelvic tilt, part cat-stretch.

Yes, this baby will turn. Or, she won't. Either way, you'll both be okay. Thank God you have a skilled physician, a loving supportive husband, and five beautiful kiddos.

Anonymous said...

I know it's easier said, but try not to stress, the baby picks up on it and it might inhibit it's natural movement.. plus stress tenses all your muscles and that won't help.

BTW, I wouldn't have tried that ironing board maneuver either.

eulogos said...

Breech babies can come by the normal route. Really. I know many women who have had vaginal breech deliveries. Even first time moms, and even a footling breech. The study which got all the docs doing them all by C section turned out to be seriously flawed. But the knowledge of how to do them didn't get passed on and so going back to the old way is moving slowly. Present it to your doctor as an opportunity to sharpen her skills and be -I was going to say the cutting edge but that is not the idea I want!-the frontline of really up to date obstetrics!

There is a web site called "Spinning babies" which has all kinds of hints for turning them, though.


Maybe she has already turned? Let us know!

Susan Peterson