Monday, August 09, 2010

The Naming of Babies is a Difficult Matter

Now that I've finally decided to blog, Matt is glaring at me like, 'why are you still on the computer? Let's paint the entire house.'

So, let me just say that Kennedy 6.0 Baby Naming Extravaganza 2010 is now officially open. We need boys names, girls names and blog names for both.

Let the Suggesting Begin!


quirkyskittle said...

Well, if you get desperate enough, there's always this:

The one it came up with for me (I decided you were having a boy) was "Belshazzar MiloŇ° Kleon Kennedy." You can see how completely winning that is.

(PS: The general site is actually really cool - just take the "random" out of the URL.)

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Karen said...

I keep waiting for somebody to name a baby after me! you could be the first!

kat said...

I was reading The Story Girl last night, and was reminded how much I like the name Cecily. Which, incidentally means "the blind one or, the sixth" I think Calliope would be a good match for a blog name. I also think Keiran or Fiona would be a good fit. I'd then pair those names with Kaspar and Freya, for your blog. If you come up with an L name for real life, I'd suggest Lamb as the blog name, after the baby in Edith Nesbit's series.

Donna said...

Real Names

Blog Names

Anonymous said...

Real name for girl: Bryn, although from personal experience I would suggest spelling it "Brynn". Otherwise those around you might think it is a new spelling for "Brianne" or [even] Bryan.

Real name for boy: Liam

Sorry - no blog names to suggest.

Jessica said...

I have no name suggestions, but congratulations!

Lauren said...

Oh, I love Calliope. But Calista won out in our household...

I still like the names Talitha, Tirzah, Emmanuelle and whatever I suggested last time to you...

Boys names: Deris, Forbes, Darian or Taliesin.

Anonymous said...

I'm not great at selecting names, I had what I thought was a lovely name for my daughter, but my husband had other plans, and he decided (though thankfully not on his first choice, Chuck Berry's Maybelline was playing on the sound system in the delivery room the moment she was born, and at first he was sorely tempted). I'm glad he'd selected her name, because she is an Annie, it's so suited to her, can't imagine her being named anything else. I won't separate them into real and blog, but these are some names I do like.


SometimesWise said...

Save this site for when you're ponderously pregnant, and need a good laugh to get things started.

Annie Patterson Rothgeb said...

Throughout her recent pregnancy, my friend and her husband referred to the baby as Danger Beak, a name that originated in another charming story too long to tell. Suffice to say that her entire community (both online and off) called the baby Danger Beak right up until birth. She also trotted out all the fave names of the moment to get feedback from the crowd. Sharing the gender of the baby helped "us" narrow our choices considerably. The online debate got politely heated for a bit, but now beautiful Jane Cordelia is with us and we all love her and the name perhaps a little bit more for having been part of her naming. (And, if my friend were to so choose, Danger Beak is at the ready for little Jane's online moniker.)

Beth said...

Love your blog!
Had fun looking at names and here are some suggestions for blog names:
Remus (Romulus did have a brother)
Bishop (good to have a Bishop in the family)


peggy38 said...

My favorite girl names


Boys names - I like them simple and vigorous preferably Biblical or Irish.