Thursday, August 05, 2010

the balmy days of Summer, and no international Anglican crisis or anything

I can hear much laughing and playing, indicating to me that No One is getting dressed and doing their morning work. I should leap up and cause my children to walk in the way they should go, but I thought I'd try my hand at blogging and see if I even remember how to do it.

Trouble is, life is so quiet and ordered and peaceful, for the moment, that I have absolutely nothing of interest to write about. We generally go away from Binghamton in August and return mid month to piles of backed up church and house work. But here we are, quietly dealing with things as they arise, regularly weeding the garden, eating long interesting meals on the front porch, picking up after ourselves and feeling that something must be wrong for life to be this calm. Then I whisperingly remind Matt that everyone will shortly be back from their holidays and the chaos will rise to its regular fevered pitch and we will settle back into normal life once more.

We probably needed this time of calm, unused though we are to it. It doubtless explains the cleaning and house ordering frenzy. Our garage looks, not to be ageist, like we are already grandparents. You could eat off the floor in there. Give us a few weeks, though, and the ordinary frantic pace of church life will cure that and our garage and laundry room will look like our true station in life.

When something real and exciting happens, I'll be sure to let you know. Until then, I am battling beetles in my garden.


Jillian.Marie said...

Don't worry. Micah and I are coming to visit soon. We'll bring some "spice" into your lives! :)

Michael+ said...


...just the ongoing international Anglican crisis that has been a feature since the 60's...