Monday, August 16, 2010

A day off where we go somewhere and do something

After three months of our lovely car being at the car doctor, we Finally have it back which means we all get to go grocery shopping together this morning! Matt has done all our shopping this summer and is good at it, though frugal. But I have missed terribly wandering the aisles of Wegmans, coffee in hand, 3 children in the Play Place, feeling fakely normal with one child in my cart while I buy bulk spices, different colored lentils, gorgeous vegetables and fancy puff pastry dough. I always like to wear the baby because it makes me feel hip and modern. Of course, the baby has reached the 'let me jump out of your arms and run away to freedom' stage so we may strap her in the cart, although that might further be trying because she's also in the 'let me pick up everything, taste it and then fling it on the ground' stage. Our theory is that God makes babies at these stages super cute so that they survive infancy, what with all the desperately annoying developmental desires.

Then we will probably drive around because it will be so nice to be out of the house on our day off and not cooped up in the back yard. Maybe we'll get all crazy and stop at a park. 


Rebecca (me!) said...

Enjoy your day out! So glad you have your car back! Amazing how we can manage without things.....hope you get the chance to get crazy and hit the park!!!

Teacher Mommy said...

I'm thinking children are made cute in general so that they survive. Though that does bring the teen years into question. As the sudden stepmother to a 14-year-old girl, I'm realizing that having one at home is a million times different than having dozens at work (especially since I can kick them out the door after 90 minutes there), and now I remember how I was at that age and am very sorrowful and repent mightily for the terrible trials I put my parents through.

It is a nice day. Perhaps I should be all motherly and take my stepchildren out to a park (minus the teen, who is Above Such Things) since my biological children are elsewhere.

May your day be delightful.