Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Oh Man

Elphine is under the regrettable impression that because her birthday is next week, she should be allowed to have a birthday party, with a chocolate Holly Hobby cake, friends, balloons, and maybe a present. Agh!!! Its VBS week. Saturday is getting ready for VBS, Sunday is getting ready for VBS and then the whole thing kicks off, and then as soon as VBS is over I disappear to Maryland for teacher training. What shall I do? Seriously, help me out with some ideas.

(Remember, Alouicious managed to celebrate his birthday for a whole week, in very very recent memory.)


Andrew said...

Just skip a few nights of sleep.

And delegate. Never underestimate the power of delegation.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could have a VBS activity where the kids bake a cake and blow up balloons. Or two cakes, so they can eat some too. Present could be purchased online? Perhaps the party could be at the park, that way you don't have to clean or plan activities. Have fun!


Lauren said...

Since you'll be at VBS you don't have to deal with the sugar high so this'll work.

Make a list of 7 treats. Is she turning 7? I forget. Anyhow, one treat for each year.

Let Elphine choose one treat each day. They shouldn't interfere with your other scheduled activities.

1. Eat ice cream for breakfast.
2. Fall asleep in mummy's bed.
3. Wear the most beautiful dress. (if you're brave enough)
4. Stay up late, very late and make cookies when all the other kids are asleep (and eat them). (VERY late could mean 10pm.)
5. Go with Daddy to get doughnuts or some other unhealthy treat -- by herself.
6. Since she's so grown-up, have a taste-test of the forbidden adult foods/drinks like wine, coffee, etc.
7. Are you still painting? Let her draw/paint her name on the wall, and a picture -- a veritable masterpiece, and leave it there until you get around to finally painting the wall.
8. If she's turning 8, you're screwed, because I can't come up with an eighth idea.

Anonymous said...

Kay's VBS idea, while pragmatic in approach, is, unfortunately, a huge 'no-no' for the pastor's kid. However, you could have a "Happy Birth Day" in VBS where EVERYBODY'S birthday is celebrated and EVERYBODY gets a piece of birthday cake. I LOVE Lauren's idea. Andrew's is good, too. Actually. If you put the two together, you've got sheer brilliance.

Best to learn how to delegate with Kennedy 6.0 on the way. Congratulations.