Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Marigold at 9 months

I don't know what the baby has to be so happy about. She grins unmercifully in the morning and coos and spits while everyone else whines.

Right now she is trying to pull the hairs out of the cat one by one. You would think cat would get up and move.

She doesn't appear to be getting any bigger although she eats everything, especially if you are eating it, gazing at you soulfully, blinking her eyes, puckering her lips in the most manipulative manner possible until you cave and start giving her bits. We didn't intend to give her chocolate cake yesterday but she looked so sad and alone eating banana that we finally gave in.

She also seems to have decided never to crawl. She was showing interest a few weeks back, and we were worried she would take off and become a menace. Now she is choosing the better, lazier way. If you put her down, anywhere, she screams unmercifully until someone, anyone, picks her up again. I can see that she will probably decide not to talk either, because everyone will be able to do it for her.

In short, she is the striking opposite of Gladys. This is not a Bad Thing. God, in his mercy, only gives us those trials we can bear and hopefully that means only One Gladys, not two.


r said...

Perhaps the whine quota has been successfully filled. S. has been crawling, if only to catch the cats (so far the odds are in the cats' favour). She also attempts to catch me, and cries if I move before she makes it over.


Lauren said...

If you only had one child, you would never understand how precious that ONE child was -- because you would never have the opportunity to compare HIM/HER to the siblings and thus find out that your child is an individual with separate personality, preferences and idiosyncracies!

lissla lissar said...

"Right now she is trying to pull the hairs out of the cat one by one. You would think cat would get up and move."

Hey! We had that cat! She would sit still and look miserable while Nathaniel hit her with something, or yanked her around by her fur.

She was about as sharp as a sackful of wet mice.