Thursday, July 01, 2010

having started something, I really need to go finish it....

On Monday, without premeditation, but largely because of the advent of the Awesome New Refrigerator, I started taring at the kitchen wallpaper. As a result, I have a dining room table full of kitchen junk, half a kitchen with wall paper, half without, a house full of little bits of wall paper because of so many children "helping" and tracking dirt everywhere, half a kitchen taped up for priming and painting, and general complete chaos. So, um, I really can't justify sitting here writing about how much I'm loving reading, or rather, listening to the Bible in a year, even though I'm exactly one month behind (because of going on vacation) and how much depth I am gaining my listening to it chronologically--the psalms spliced into the accounts of David's life--which is what I'd really like to be doing. Or, on the other hand, the depth of schmultzy nostalgia in which I am wallowing as a result of not only watching the world cup, but all the ads on youtube for the world cup, and all the floozy songs on youtube for the world cup. I know its been said Way Too Much, but it is special that its in Africa this time. I am so homesick. Also, why did they have to get a white chicky to sing the official (or one of the official) songs for the occasion? Are there no qualified African singers? (The answer to that question should be obvious to us all and if you answer wrongly, I won't even post your answer). What is the matter with me! I need to go work on the kitchen!

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Jessica said...

Oh - I loved reading the Bible chronologically last year! And I remember reading the Psalms interspersed with David's life! I'm actually doing something similar right now with the St. James' devotional, since we're in Samuel and Fr. Reardon's sticking in the appropriate Psalms.

And, if the "white girl" you're referring to is Shakira, it might help to know she's not white. She looks it because of the dyed hair & straightened hair, but she's (I think) half Lebanese and half Colombian. Still not African though. I love "Waka, Waka", English version and Spanish. The babies dance to it when it comes on.