Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Slipping back into rhythm

I awoke this morning to the voice of Mark Driscoll preaching powerfully and longly about idolatry, in particular, the idolatry of animals, that is pets.

What! I heard him shout, Jesus isn't enough?!

Felt terribly guilty for being so over tired last night that I cried for an hour about my cat.

Anyway, I'm off for another ultrasound, hopefully to verify that this baby is really a girl. I've become thoroughly used to the idea, so if its a boy it will take some serious readjusting. I even bought my first diaper bag (thought it was finally time, after this many babies) and its pink toile. Besides, its for me, not the baby. And, as Mark Driscoll said, it will be kindling anyway when Jesus comes back.

Pretty sure Jesus is enough. Will take a shower and report back when I'm fully awake.


Jason said...

I'm confused. Did he say that owning pets is idolatry, because "Jesus should be good enough"?

How about having a spouse? Is that also idolatry, because "Jesus should be good enough"?

Cars? Clothes? Food?

Anne Kennedy said...

I'm a little confused too because I was half asleep and I'm pretty sure I didn't get All the information. My eyes just popped open at the pet bit.