Sunday, July 12, 2009

From Sunny Southern California

We've finally got back online after a near 3 day Travel Black Out. I'm only writing until the Stand Firm Life Broadcast this evening. This is the first day we've gotten to catch up a little on the news, having only survived with very brief phone updates from Matt.

This morning we worshiped at St. James, Newport Beach. I MEANT to post and say that was where we were going, but the computer could not be had. We will probably be back in two Sundays. Next Sunday we will go to my grandparent's church and then hopefully the week after back to St. James.

We are about an hour and a half south from Anahiem in Murrieta. It is VERY hot but we are settled in the cool beauty of my grandparent's house. They have all the things I have remembered as a child. Having themselves lived all over the world, their house is full of lovely and carefully chosen things. The children are wilting in the heat, after a long cold winter and a fairly cool summer, they are amazed that the mountains are so brown and dry and that they can't really go out in the middle of the day.

Tomorrow is Elphine's 7th Birthday. We will be having fancy tea and a fancy time, being ready to put childish things away. I, having thought long and hard for about a month, still have no idea what I am going to give her on this important occasion. She likes, she says, 'to read books, play with dolls a little, and that's about all.

Meanwhile, we all miss Matt very much but are so grateful that he is covering the news. Me myself, I am watching with morbid facination the devestation of this once fine Episcopal Organization. And, may God be ever praised, I'm so grateful to be watching this time from the outside.
The broadcast is about to begin, so I will resume this at a later time.


Jill C. said...

Anne, you are in good company -- watching the crumbling Episcopal Church from the outside.

I hope your oldest has a very happy birthday! :)

Jessica said...

We're out of TEC in five weeks (give or take a few), and I have to admit that - sad as I am to leave our parish - most of the StandFirm news leaves a part of me happily singing, "we're leaving, we're leaving!" and being very relieved that that's true.

Glad you've safely made it out here to oh-so-sunny SoCal, and over at our house we're very much appreciating your husband's good reporting.

Tregonsee said...


After nearly 60 years as an Episcopalian, this is the first GC I can watch from the outside and not cringe at what "we" are doing. Sadness on the one hand for TEC, gladness on the other for the many faithful Anglicans who are coming together. Hang in there!


Anonymous said...
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Anne Kennedy said...

you are not welcome to attack other commenters on this blog.

ccinnova said...

I attend one of the Northern Virginia parishes which left TEC several months after the 2006 GC. I'm watching from the outside, yet I have family and friends who are still in TEC so I grieve for them. I'm still amazed over the PB's new definition of "heresy."

Dr. Alice said...

The little time I've had to read commentary on the convention leaves me feeling as though I'm watching the Titanic sinking. Anne, if you have any recommendations for Los Angeles area Anglican churches (Newport Beach is just too far for me) I'd deeply appreciate them.

Anonymous said...

Dr Alice - try St. Davids in Hollywood. Father Jose Poch is wonderful - it is a beakaway Anglican Church