Friday, July 03, 2009

Good Shepherd Update in Brief


R said...

I miss you all! Someone had better harass Lee for me! I want to know where my invite is. :P Just kidding. ;D


Jill C. said...

Now there's a man who blessedly has his hands full! And he seems to be enjoying his new toy/webcam. ;)

peggy38 said...

heh heh. Its hard to concentrate on what Matt was saying due to how much I was enjoying watching all the Kennedy critters instead.

But in the end I was able. What a sweet and charming addition to his message!

-Stayin Anglican

Kevin Seaver said...

Hi Anne,

Kevin Seaver here in Tokyo. I dug the silent movie, and this video bulletin, too. It was a treat to check in on Matt's reports from the Meltdown in Anaheim.

Question: Can you tell me what text y'all are using for your Systematic Theology at GS? I'm betting nothing we used at VTS!

Thank you and God bless,